Tarpaulins and publicity

Depriving of sight to effective advertising.

The perimeter of your terrain is an extremely effective stage for your outdoor advertising: for your company, location marketing, sales support and the communication of regulations. Truly effective: Involve the neighbours in your project by having the school children in the area decorate the tarpaulins, for example.

Obstruction of visibility

One tarpaulin is an approximately 7 m2 commercial eye-catcher. The tarpaulins can also obstruct visibility or be used to contain dust. For long-term urban projects, it is worthwhile to brighten up the area surrounding the construction site with the City Fence decorative panels.

Gather sound advice

The options are myriad, so gather sound advice. Also about the use of colour and the delivery specifications. Our sure-fire solutions for your publicity are:

  • tarpaulins on fencing;
  • printed pedestrian gates;
  • personalised nameplates;
  • City Fence with decorative panels.
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