Knowledge base

For everyone who wants to know more about temporary fencing and everything related to it, we have set up a knowledge base. Reading these topics will give you a good idea of Heras Mobile and our products.

If you have questions to which you cannot find the answer in this knowledge base, mail us at or call us on 0800 073 9987.

More interesting topics from the knowledge base: 

What is fencing? 

What are mobile fences?

What are crowd control barriers? 

What is a sliding gate? 

What are barriers? 

What is an entrance gate? 

What is a stage barrier? 

What is temporary fencing? 

What is a security corridor? 

What is event fencing?

What is a galvanised fence? 

What is semi-permanent fencing?

What is a wooden site fence?

What is a leaf bin?

What is an anti-climb fence? 

What is a Noise Control barrier?

What is a mesh width?