Effectively reducing noise pollution from temporary construction sites

Heras Noise Control Barriers: the solution to reducing complaints and creating a healthier work environment

Whether it’s caused by machinery, construction vehicles, or work equipment: noise is the biggest type of nuisance from temporary construction sites. It’s an unfavourable side effect that negatively affects both the surrounding neighbourhood as well as your own workers.

Reducing noise is essential if you don’t want your project to get delayed because of complaints, but also if you want to guarantee a safe work environment for your employees.

The Heras Noise Control Barriers are specially created for temporary construction sites. They’re a simple but effective solution for reducing noise pollution and creating a healthier workplace.

Heras Noise Control Ive 6417 Acoustic Barrier

Effectively reduces racket

Reduce racket by at least 17% and prevent complaint-related delays to your project.

Creates a healthier work environment

Effectively protect your employees from hearing impairments caused by construction noise.

Avoids pollution

The Heras noise control barriers help you reduce complaints from local residents by absorbing the noise.

High levels of flexibility

The noise control barriers are quick and easy to install and therefore offer you a high level of flexibility.

Easy to use

The Heras noise control barriers are lightweight and dense, which means they can be installed by a single technician.

Can be used for promotional purposes

In addition to reducing noise pollution, the noise control barriers also offer ideal advertising opportunities. 

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Less pollution, fewer complaints

Complaints from people living around your construction site can result in the suspension of your project by the local authorities. This can cause a massive delay, which doesn’t benefit your project or your reputation. 

Heras Noise Control Barriers help you reduce noise from the construction site by at least 17 percent. The noise is absorbed by our temporary acoustic fences, which actively help you reduce complaints and save costs. 

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Creating a healthier work environment

By law, employees are not allowed to be exposed to more than 80 decibels for more than eight hours. Proper protection must be used for noise over 85 decibels and employees should never be exposed to more than 87 decibels. This limit is often exceeded at construction sites.

Noise is one of the main health risks of construction workers. Firstly, it can severely damage the auditory system, and secondly, it can cause stress that negatively influences workers’ productivity. The Heras Noise Control Barriers absorb the noise created on the construction site, which helps you effectively create a safer work environment.

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Heras Acoustic Barrier System

The Heras Acoustic Barrier is our latest sound absorbing innovation.

Developed to combat noise pollution on construction sites, the Heras Acoustic Barrier is used to screen off noise by fitting our specially developed sound absorbing barrier quickly and easily onto our HSG151 compliant round top mesh panel.

Providing a safe environment for your construction site, the Heras Acoustic Barrier also helps to demonstrate a commitment to corporate social responsibility by using a product that helps to combat noise pollution.

It has been developed using a composite of fibres that both absorbs and controls noise. When noise is generated on site, the Heras Acoustic Barrier membrane will absorb noise and reduce the degree of noise pollution.

Independent testing has shown that the Heras Acoustic Barrier can deliver up to a 30dB noise reduction and is great for city centre construction sites, scaffolding sites, rail and road side.

  • Sound absorbing product. 
  • Reduce up to 30dB noise. 
  • Fast and simple ‘one man’ installation. 
  • Extends site operating hours.


  • Panel Dimensions Height : 2000mm
  • Panel Dimensions Width : 1200mm
  • Required Per Panel : Three per bay
  • Attaching System : Hooks and bungee cord


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Installation instructions

Free Windloading Advice

As specialists we can calculate wind resistance for specific sites:

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Heras Noise Control Ive 6416 Acoustic Barrier

Heras Noise Control Ive 6419 Acoustic Barrier

Heras Noise Control Ive 6424 Acoustic Barrier
Soundproof walls used as hearing protection around construction sites

Soundproof walls used as hearing protection around construction sites

Safety comes in many different forms. You use fences to deter thieves and camera systems to keep burglars at bay. To protect your hearing, you use a soundproof fabric. Since work in the Netherlands and Belgium is currently being carried out within the framework of reduced nuisance , the use of soundproof walls is becoming more common. Thanks to the fabric, the noise volume remains within the permitted noise limit, and excessive noise that leads to the construction site being shut down has become a thing of the past.

Older aggregates as well as concrete and stone grinders make a huge amount of noise. Newer versions are quieter, but not every company has one of these. To stay under the permitted noise limit, you can rent a soundproof fabric. The fabric reduces music and noise from machines. Municipalities regularly prescribe and promote this product.

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Toning noise down with acoustic barriers

Toning noise down with acoustic barriers

When you’re building in highly populated areas you have to reduce the noise to a minimum. People hate noise and immediately start to complain when they hear sounds from your construction site. Acoustic barriers help you reduce the noise and protect the hearing of your employees too.

An acoustic barrier reduces the noise from the building or construction site with 20 decibel. That’s a lot. Because of the noise reduction people outside the site can live their lives and don’t be disturbed by annoying sounds. Your employees can pick up the pace and finish their work in time. Because you work without causing noise people don’t call the police to shut the workplace down.

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