Step 2: Deterrence

The proper deterrence methods ensure that undesired visitors abandon their attempts to enter your site

It is essential to secure the construction site if you want to keep undesired people from accessing it. But, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. It is better to be able to sufficiently deter undesired people so that they abandon their efforts to break into or vandalise your site. You can effectively deter undesired people using the following resources:

  • Barbed wire

Barbed wire atop your fence not only makes climbing the fence practically impossible, but you also effectively deter people with bad intentions. It is an affordable solution with the ultimate result. Barbed wire gives your construction site security a simple and inexpensive boost.

  • Extension bracket

barbed wire extension bracket serves as the framework for installing barbed wire on top of your fencing. It lets you install various rows of concertina wire above one another. This way, you make it even harder for thieves and vandals because it not only makes your fencing taller, it makes it impossible to climb. Barbed wire and extension brackets can also be utilised for long-term security in semi-permanent setups.

  • Tarpaulins

Don’t tempt thieves and vandals by publicly exhibiting all of the expensive materials present on your construction site. Effectively screen off your construction site using tarpaulins that obstruct the view. Moreover, you can use these tarpaulins to communicate that your building site is secured. The tarpaulins are easy to install on practically any type of fencing. This way, you get maximum results with minimal effort.

Get an optimal security plan for your construction site

Every construction site is different, with its own, individual risks, and as such, each one requires a different kind of security. How do you ensure that your temporary construction site is optimally secured as well as prevent delays and extra costs?

One of our specialists will take a look at your specific situation in a consultation meeting that is completely free of obligation. Together, we will go through a step-by-step plan with you to create an optimal security plan for your construction site.

Our security specialist helps you with:

  • Limiting risks
  • Setting up a clear step-by-step plan
  • Defining an optimal security plan

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