Why switch to Heras Steelhoard?

Many of you will be familiar with steel hoarding in the construction market and may think they are all very similar, carrying out the same function. You might be using timber hoardings, flat fascias with graphics or on ground systems. Once installed they look similar and initially price-wise there isn’t much between them however Steelhoard has a number of unique features that make it more cost-effective, adaptable, and sustainable than any other system on the market. In short terms: Steelhoard will save you money. In this blog, I hope to convey the benefits so you get the right knowledge about the advantages of the world’s most sustainable hoarding system.

Why is Steelhoard different to other hoarding systems on the market?

Unlike other hoarding systems Steelhoard is supplied in individual component form as a flatpack and is then fabricated on site. This creates numerous advantages with the ultimate aim to be able to increase the lifespan of the components which will then increase efficiency whilst improving sustainability and most importantly to save you money.

The heavy duty components are delivered to site and a framework is built an elevation at a time. Once the framework is complete sheets are then inserted between the continuous top and bottom rails and the result is clean continuous elevations uninterrupted by posts or infill strips. Watch here how the steel hoarding is installed:


The top 10 advantages of Heras Steelhoard

       1.Cost-Effective : Steelhoard is designed for multi re-use enabling it reduce hoarding costs by up to 50% over its lifecycle.

  1. Sustainable: Steelhoard is the most sustainable system on the market with no scrapping or landfill costs. At the end of Steelhoard’s long life all components still have a value and can be fully recycled. Also the posts can be re used.

  2. Site to Site Service: Heras offer the most comprehensive dismantling and re-siting service.

  3. Storage and Maintenance: Heras will store, clean and service your equipment between projects. Including Asset Management: We can track your equipment and provide regular updates of your stock in our depots.

  4. Flexibility: Steelhoard can cope with 30 degree gradients by stepping and more if you run the sheets with the gradient cutting a wedge shaped sheet top and bottom to fill the gap. The multifunction couplers can cope with any angle, doing curves and complicated fence lines.

  5. Direct Labour: We use fully trained installers with full anti flash PPE and carrying all relevant industry identity cards.

  6. Improved Efficiency: The Heras hoarding service takes the time and hassle out of hoarding procurement freeing staff to concentrate on more pressing matters.

  7. Tried and Tested: Heras have been supplying Steelhoard since 1997 and our customers have continued to take advantage of our class leading product and service saving money and time.
  1. Safe: Highest level or safety & security surpasses the requirements of TWf1220-02 and BS5975:2008+A1:2011. It will also withstand all site specific wind loading requirements for the UK.

  2. Advertisement is possible: Steelhoard can be fitted with recylcled flat plastic insert sheets that can be pre screen printed directly onto their surface or have vinyl graphics attached on site. We can change steel sheets for plastic during the project/contract.

This comprehensive nationwide service combined with Steelhoard being the most cost effective, sustainable and flexible product on the market ensures that Heras are the number one choice for any hoarding requirements in the UK.

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Posted by Adrian Couzens on 20 April 2021