Increase security at your building site with anti-lift protection

Good site fencing helps keep unauthorised persons off the building site. At its most basic, (temporary) site fencing consists of fences, blocks and clamps. But in some cases, simply installing a fence isn’t enough. There are numerous extra accessories that you can use to make site fencing stronger and more secure. One of the many accessories that makes your site fencing more secure is anti-lift protection. 

Posted on 15 April 2019 by Lou Spierings    Project securityFences

Getting construction security right for every phase of the construction project

Theft or vandalism on your construction site can be costly for you, and it can also slow your building project down considerably. How do you ensure unwanted people do not gain access to your site? Optimal construction site security is geared to the construction phase of the project. If you know when your construction site is attractive to thieves and vandals, you can adjust your security accordingly. In this blog, I explain the products being used to outsmart thieves and vandals for each very construction phase.

Posted on 02 July 2018 by Lou Spierings    Project security

Effectively increasing event safety and reducing risks at World Class Events

The Soccer World Cup, the Olympics, the Rugby World Cup: all major events that attract thousands, if not millions of visitors. Although the visitors are only there to have fun, the organisation of these events has a serious job to do: ensuring safety and reducing risks. In a time of increased threats, this job becomes more difficult. However, choosing the right equipment can genuinely make a difference. In this blog, I explain how Heras can help to select the right equipment for effective event management.

Posted on 18 June 2018 by Jérôme Lardenois    Project security

The most common construction site problems: part 1

You surely recognise it: you have started on a construction project and have made a wonderful plan, but things go wrong during the process. Permits are taking longer than expected or there are other obstacles. In this blog, we describe five of the ten most common construction site problems and how to prevent them.

Posted on 16 January 2018 by Suzanne van Bekkers - Vroenhoven    Project security

8 tips for keeping thieves off your construction site

Opportunity makes the thief. He just wants to quickly make a haul and takes whatever he finds. Heave ho, over that fence, cut the power lines and he's out of there. Securing the storage sheds from the inside is pointless, because before someone can respond to the call, the bird has already flown. What can you do to discourage the occasional thief before he decides to take action?

Posted on 21 August 2017 by Lou Spierings    Project security

Supplying and installing 11 km of mobile fencing at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol - a routine job @ Heras

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, one of the world’s busiest airports, is constantly in motion. Day and night, aircraft depart and there are people at work; each year, approximately 58 million passengers travel via Schiphol. To be able to transport everything and everyone, there were as many as 450,679 aircraft movements on six take-off and landing strips in 2015. It is no wonder, therefore, that landing strips are now under maintenance.

Posted on 18 August 2017 by Joost van der Pas    Project securityFences