Soundproof walls used as hearing protection around construction sites

Safety comes in many different forms. You use fences to deter thieves and camera systems to keep burglars at bay. To protect your hearing, you use a soundproof fabric. Since work in the Netherlands and Belgium is currently being carried out within the framework of reduced nuisance , the use of soundproof walls is becoming more common. Thanks to the fabric, the noise volume remains within the permitted noise limit, and excessive noise that leads to the construction site being shut down has become a thing of the past.

Older aggregates as well as concrete and stone grinders make a huge amount of noise. Newer versions are quieter, but not every company has one of these. To stay under the permitted noise limit, you can rent a soundproof fabric. The fabric reduces music and noise from machines. Municipalities regularly prescribe and promote this product.

"The soundproof cloth prevents the suspension of construction works"

A fabric such as this is a smart solution for construction companies. The application of such a fabric prevents that the construction site has to be shut down due to noise pollution. Stoppage of work costs a lot of money. This is something you want to avoid. A soundproof fabric helps prevent this doomsday scenario and ensures that the noise remains below the permitted noise limit.

The fabric has already been successfully used in Brussels. The Theater aan het Vrijthof is having major work carried out. The renovation is costing €3.5 million and is intended to improve the acoustics of the building. A fabric is being used to prevent the performances being disturbed. While the shows continue, the work also continues. Thanks to the fabric, the noise remains within the permitted limit. The construction work goes on, as does the show!

Thanks to the fabric, you remain below the permitted noise limit"

The soundproof fabric is an English innovation. Only one  factory has the exclusive right to distribute this product throughout the Benelux. There is an increasing demand for the fabric from the authorities. Better still, use of the fabric is stimulated by them. In Dutch specifications, it is being requested more and more. Since the introduction of the Public Procurement Law of 2012, the "Most Economically Advantageous Tender" principle has been used. This "Most Economically Advantageous Tender" makes it a requirement for the client to assess quotations on quality as well as price. This fence is required in many specifications for civil contracting.



The building site will only request such a screen when it is already "too late". When the construction site has thus been shut down because of noise pollution. The placement of such a fabric ensures work can resume quickly. But it is not only the construction sector that benefits from this fabric. The events sector can also benefit from it.

"Create a reassuring feeling"

The soundproof fabric was recently deployed during a music event in the Netherlands, and it worked perfectly. Currently, more tests are being carried out to assess the sound density at events.

In addition to being soundproof, the screen is also flame retardant. The material is resistant to fire and extinguishes quickly. The fire brigade has spoken very highly about the safety of this product. In addition to being soundproof and fire retardant, the fabric also acts as a shield against prying eyes. This provides a safe and reassured feeling. A fabric has been put into place to reduce pollution, so the citizens' voice has been heard. In addition, it protects the event site and the building.

The fabric prevents unnecessary expenses and irritation. The building work can continue and local residents do not have to endure so much noise. Which municipality and construction company would not be interested in that?

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Posted by Yves Spooren on 20 November 2017
Accountmanager at Heras Mobile Fencing & Security België