Renting or purchasing a fencing

Fencing comes in different types and sizes. The large assortment sometimes makes it difficult to make a choice. If you cannot see the wood for the trees, you should consider what your fencing will be used for. For example, safety, security, or as an enclosure, or you want to fence off a building site. And, possibly just as important: are you going to rent or purchase fencing?

To simplify whether to rent or purchase fencing, you consider the fencing properties that you believe are important. For example, price, flexibility, service life, and maintenance. People often believe that renting fencing is more expensive than purchasing it. But, is that really true?

Rent or purchase fencing: the price

You may consider price when making the right choice on whether to rent or purchase fencing. In general, the following rule applies: the turning point for a construction project is 2.5 years. This means that it is more expensive to rent fencing after 2.5 years than to purchase it. Are you looking for fencing that you want to use for eighteen months? Then renting fencing is the best solution. Do you need fencing for three to four years? Then purchasing fencing is the best option. Take the following into account:

The cost of purchasing fencing must be comparable to the cost of renting fencing. This is then a realistic way of weighing up whether renting or purchasing fencing is feasible for your project. An average mobile fence of good quality has a lifespan of three to five years. The lifespan of the fencing can also play a role when choosing between renting or purchasing fencing. Fencing of poorer quality has a lifespan of about two years.

Duration of current construction work

If you decide to purchase fencing, take into account the start date of any subsequent construction projects to ensure you do not have a shortage of fencing. If the fencing you are using for project A is also needed for project B, but it is not yet free because project A is not yet completed, renting fencing is ideal for bridging the current period of use.

Fencing lifespan

If you are thrifty with your possessions, including fencing, purchasing fencing is a better bet than renting fencing. And this is certainly the case when you decide on high-quality fencing with a corrosion-resistant zinc layer. Such a layer has less impact on the environment and ensures you will be happy due to the longer service life of the fencing.

Spread out costs by renting fencing

Purchasing fencing is not cost-effective for everyone. This depends on the construction project. If you only want to pay for fencing that you actually use, we recommend that you rent fencing to spread out costs.

If your construction project will take less than 2.5 years and are considering renting fencing, the advantages are listed here.
• No major investments
• No storage costs
• Quality fences
• No handling fees
• Only pay for what you actually use

In many cases, we can say that it is more advantageous to rent fencing than to buy fencing when the construction project is expected to be completed within 2.5 years. We do recommend that you always maintain a small stock of fences. If you temporarily need more mobile fences or want to bridge the overlap between projects, we recommend you rent fencing.

It is best to make a conscious decision about renting or purchasing fencing to save money and create a safe workplace.

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Posted by Joost van der Pas on 14 August 2019
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