Installing site fencing: do it yourself or outsource it?

Assembling and installing site fencing is not a difficult science. That’s why many construction companies often choose to have their own personnel erect it, even though there’s a shortage of construction workers who could probably better spend their costly time and expertise on actual projects.

As well a more efficient use of time, there are three other specific benefits to be gained from asking skilled professionals to install site fencing – which can be an important consideration when deciding whether to do it yourself or outsource it.

Install site fencing yourself or outsource it?

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The choice between installing site fencing yourself or getting a professional to do it often depends on how much time your own personnel have available. During the years of financial crisis, when the number of projects declined and extra attention had to be paid to costs, companies often asked their own staff to install site fencing around the building site.

But now that the economy has recovered a bit, and the number of projects and outsourcing is increasing, construction workers are becoming busier and busier. There’s also a shortage of specialist workers, so existing employees’ available time and skills need to be deployed more efficiently.

This has led to companies outsourcing the installation of site fencing more often, allowing personnel to fully focus their valuable time on their own specialisms. Are you considering having your site fencing installed by professionals? Saving time and making full use of your employees’ skills aren’t the only benefits to outsourcing this work:

The benefits of having your site fencing installed for you

  • A neater building site

Anyone can install site fencing, but there’s still a significant difference between site fencing installed by professionals or by your own construction workers. When your own construction workers install site fencing, their lack of experience often results in sub-standard work. The fencing can be irregular or not straight, with parts missing or incorrect assembly.

Carelessly installed fencing results in a disorganized building site. And if a building site looks cluttered to start with, it will only get worse during the remainder of the work. Skilled professional installers ensure site fencing is well-organised from the start, which contributes to a good image for the building site.

  • Motivated installers increase efficiency

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Your construction workers aren’t necessarily skilled in site fencing installation, whereas specialist installers have developed useful methods to be as efficient as possible.

They ensure a short time frame for the best results, so your site fencing can be used optimally.

  • A more secure building site

Imperfectly installed site fencing is an invitation to thieves and vandals. When a fence is not installed correctly, it can be easy to lift up or move to gain access to the building site.

Specialist installers make sure it is erected robustly, as it should be. So undesired persons cannot access your building site.

Be advised

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Do you want your construction workers to be able to work without interruptions while our installers take care of the site fencing? Or would you prefer to do it yourself? Whatever you decide, you will find all the information you need – complete with instructional videos – about installing site fencing or having it installed for you on this page.

Are you looking for the best way to section off your building site? Or do you have a specific challenge – for example, how can you increase your building site security or use space as efficiently as possible in busy urban areas?

Our specialists will be happy to talk things through with you in a consultation at no obligation. Ask for tailored advice here and learn how to best section off the building site, limit risks, and optimise building site security:


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Posted by Lou Spierings on 03 September 2018
Senior Account Manager at Heras Mobile Fencing & Security