How HERAS Steelhoard improves your corporate image

When we consider the reasons for installing a building site enclosure the primary functions are security and protecting the public from site activities. However, temporary site fencing also functions as a means to advertise your company, and by doing so, improve your corporate image. Therefore it is important to consider the type of hoarding which best portrays your company’s image as-well-as the message you want to convey through your choice of hoarding. 

In this blog we will examine how using HERAS Steelhoard temporary hoarding system can improve your corporate image.

Long-lasting, ready to use, and pristine looking panels: 

HERAS Steelhoard provides a long-lasting, ready to use hoarding system. The system uses pre-coated hoarding infill sheets, so there is no need for painting on site once the hoarding system is installed. The posts and joint-fittings are concealed behind the hoarding fascia which negates the need for powder coating posts or having infill strips on the joints. Furthermore, the panels need no intermediate painting to make them look pristine, as the durable and high quality powder coated steel finish is set to withstand environmental conditions. Periodic power washing restores the hoarding to its original condition on long contracts or where it is exposed to surface contamination. With its ready to use and durable pre-coated panel, HERAS Steelhoard provides a professional and clean look for your building site immediately after installation on ant project.   

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Display your brand on a continuous seamless fascia

The HERAS Steelhoard hoarding system offers a continuous seamless fascia, free from joints and uninterrupted by posts. The system provides a clean, uninterrupted surface ideal for the installation of flat advertising media. The box profile sheets can be detailed to meet corporate requirements in any RAL or BS colour. Additionally, HERAS Steelhoard has recently developed a recycled plastic infill panel designed for installation into the Steelhoard support structure. These super flat plastic sheets can be screen-printed with beautiful (corporate) graphics, and are particularly appropriate for hoarding installations of projects seen by the public. Both the steel sheets and the latest plastic infill panels enable high quality advertisement of your company branding.  

Promote your corporate message with a sustainable hoarding system 

For any company wanting to portray a sustainable image, HERAS Steelhoard offers the ideal solution. Because of its 25 years long lifespan and ability to be re-used 10 times on average, the HERAS Steelhoard temporary hoarding system is the most sustainable hoarding system in the world. Furthermore, all components of the system are a 100% recyclable and can be re-processed at the end of the system’s life cycle. On top of that, the durable composite system is supplied in kit form, resulting in a hoarding system that has the lowest carbon footprint of any solid hoarding system available. Therefor HERAS Steelhoard is a viable hoarding system for corporations wanting to achieve their green goals and convey a sustainable message. 

In conclusion, HERAS Steelhoard temporary hoarding system provides an excellent solution to improve your corporate image. The high quality pre-coated sheets provide a professional look for the building site, and the steel sheet panels as-well-as the latest plastic infill panels serve as a durable surface for the advertisement of your brand. More so, the HERAS Steelhoard temporary hoarding system offers a suitable solution for any company wanting to portray a sustainable image. 

For more information on the HERAS Steelhoard temporary hoarding system please download the product brochure. If you have any further questions or would like to get in touch, please feel free to contact us here.

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Posted by Adrian Day on 20 April 2020