HERAS Steelhoard temporary hoarding versus plastic site hoarding

A big argument for using plastic site hoarding instead of a steel hoarding solution is the fact that plastic hoarding panels have a flat fascia which is ideal for advertising. However, there are many more considerable downsides to using plastic hoarding instead of a steel hoarding system. In this blog,  we explore the benefits of the HERAS Steelhoard temporary hoarding system compared to those of plastic site hoarding. 

Durability and costs


In contrast to plastic hoarding systems, the Steelhoard steel panel system can be re-used ten times on average when installed, dismantled and maintained following the manufacturer's guidelines. Moreover, the Steelhoard panels are well equipped to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Plastic hoardings become brittle in cold weather and are susceptible to breaking down due to UV light, weakening the hoarding structure. Considering the above, the HERAS Steelhoard system is a far more durable hoarding solution than a plastic hoarding system.

Material costs

Plastic hoarding sheets are 50% more expensive than steel hoarding panels. The total costs of a plastic hoarding system are even higher compared to the HERAS Steelhoard hoarding system, considering that plastic panels are far less durable than steel ones, and will have to be replaced more often.

Heras steelhoard Semi-Permanent_Totaal

Transportation and storage costs 

The HERAS Steelhoard hoarding system is designed as a flat pack system and can, therefore, be stored compactly. It requires a 10th of the storage space that is needed for a plastic hoarding system. As a consequence, HERAS Steelhoard is not only cheaper to store than a plastic hoarding system, but transportation costs are also massively reduced. 

Environmental concerns 

With growing environmental concerns, it is clear to see how using a steel hoarding system is a more sustainable choice than using a plastic hoarding system. Plastic hoarding systems use only 50% recycled plastics; the other 50% is made up out of virgin materials. Furthermore, due to the brittleness of the plastic, bits of plastic end up in the ground or rivers. This causes harm to the environment and will take a 1000 years to decompose. 

Health and Safety

Occupational health

Plastic sheets are light and easy to handle, which gives them an advantage over steel hoarding  panels. However, the HERAS Steelhoard hoarding system is designed and supplied in small components that are fabricated on site to form the complete hoarding. This allows the heavy-duty components to be safely installed and dismantled in compliance with current lifting regulations. 

Fire protection

Steel hoarding panels are more fire retardant than plastic panels. Using a steel hoarding system is, therefore, a safer site hoarding solution in terms of protecting the site  from a fire on the site boundary either deliberately or accidentally.


As mentioned above, the flat fascia of plastic hoarding systems is ideal for advertising. Fortunately, HERAS Steelhoard has recently developed a recycled plastic infill panel designed for

installation into the Steelhoard support structure. These super flat plastic sheets can be screen-printed with beautiful (corporate) graphics and are particularly appropriate for hoarding installations of projects seen by the public. When combining the plastic infill sheets with the steel hoarding panels, you can effectively advertise your brand without losing the overall benefits of a steel hoarding system. 


For more information on the HERAS Steelhoard temporary hoarding system, please download our product brochure, or contact us here. Read our blog “HERAS Steelhoard temporary hoarding versus timber site hoarding” to discover the benefits of the HERAS Steelhoard temporary hoarding system compared to those of timber site hoarding. 

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Posted by Adrian Day on 04 May 2020