Combatting high winds on your site

If your site is cliff side or an open space it may easily be susceptible to high winds.  With the unpredictable British weather the best measure any construction Site Manager can put in place is to have a temporary fencing system that can withstand high winds and won’t fall over.

Falling fences

Temporary fencing or hoarding that falls down is not only a risk to employees and the general public, but there is also a price to pay when it needs replacing.

Withstand assortment

Heras Readyfence Hire & Sales has a range of products that are tested to withstand high winds and we can provide advice and calculations to customers.

Heras Stormguard is one the products in the Heras Readyfence range that can withstand wind speeds up to 100mph. The stabilizing system has been developed with wind loading in mind using a unique combination of feet /blocks, trays and backstays.

Specific calculations

Ask us for more information about wind loading, or we can arrange for an Engineer to attend your site to provide site specific calculations and recommend the most suitable stabilisation method.

Additionally, for a one-off charge, a more definitive ‘site specific’ version of the service is available which provides end-users with detailed calculation data relevant to product applications and stabilising methods recommended for individual projects.

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Posted by Adrian Day on 22 August 2017