CE Quality mark on gates. What does that mean, actually.

The myriad quality marks, guidelines and standards can sometimes be very confusing. But how do you know whether you are actually buying or renting a safe product? And why is this so important? In the blog below, I explain what this means for our gates and barriers.

What is CE marking?

It is a safety mark that makes it easier to market products within Europe. In addition, it is a legal obligation that gives the customer a guarantee:

● Safe product
● Burden of proof in the event of a claim
● Product meets the essential requirements

Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

One of the legal requirements is the “Machinery Directive” 2006/42/EC. This guideline applies to all the electrically powered gates and barriers made by Heras Mobile Fencing & Security. And basically means the product must be safe for the user.

Regulation (EU) No 305/2011 - Construction Products (CPR)

This concerns a legally-required European regulation that specifies the requirements of a construction product. These requirements include mechanical stability and safety during use. This applies to all swinging and sliding gates made by Heras Mobile Fencing & Security. They can be manually or electrically driven. Examples of essential requirements from this regulation are wind load, mechanical stability and force measurement.

Standards EN 13241 & EN 12453

In addition to the above guidelines, there are also some standards that demonstrate the safety of Heras Mobile Fencing & Security products. The two most important standards are EN 13241 and EN 12453. These standards eliminate hazards or ensure safeguards are put in place against these hazards. For example, if a hand is inserted between a gate while it is closing, it must stop immediately. If a gate is able to meet these standards, it is not possible for somebody to get trapped between a gate and the entrance portal.
The minimum safety level for electric gates and barriers can be found in Chapter 5 of EN 12453. The safety requirements per product depend on how it is used. This means where the product is located and not how it is controlled. The measures are explained further in the diagram below.

CE Capture

Infrared = photocell

Infrared can never be the only means of safety. Infrared can only ever act as a supplement to an already safe gate. It offers extra protection to the public, as well as to vehicles and property. In accordance with the standard, the infrared equipment is placed on the exterior at a height of no more than 700 mm. Therefore, to detect freight traffic, you must install extra infrared equipment.
Even if you install the gate yourself, infrared equipment is required in almost all situations. And this should be implemented in accordance with the EN 12453 standard. Without infrared equipment, a dead man's switch is the safest solution.
Would you like to know how you can be sure you are meeting all the guidelines and regulations? Our specialists know everything there is to know about the current regulations and are happy to provide you with the appropriate advice

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Posted by Jordi van Herel on 14 June 2018
Product Manager at Heras Mobile Fencing & Security