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A sliding mobile gate ensures efficient design of your access road

Drivers despondently looking for the entrance, delays at the entrance, distractions for the construction staff due to difficulty operating the entrance, searching for escape routes, etc. These are all inconveniences that arise when your access road is not efficiently designed. A sliding mobile gate offers a solution. This gate prevents many frustrations while being easy and quick to arrange and install. In this blog post, we give the sliding mobile gate the attention it deserves. In addition, we teach you how to use a sliding mobile gate to achieve convenience and save time.

Posted on 24 March 2020 by Stef Manders    Fences

A well-consider fencing plan ensures your purchase is efficient

A good fencing plan deals with optimum safety and security, regulating access, enclosing the terrain or road, emergency exit signs, and prevention of a noise nuisance. All of these situations require an event organiser to find a fencing solution. We recommend that you always start by drawing up a fencing plan so you can get a clear understanding of what type of fencing you need and in what quantity. In addition to gaining insight into what you need in terms of fencing, a fencing plan also helps you be cost-efficient. This blog how you arrive at the efficient usage of fencing.

Posted on 04 September 2019 by Stef Manders    Fences

What gates should you select for the entrance of your building site?

Your building site’s entrance should not be an invitation to steal or vandalise. Moreover, your entrance should not cause frustration in the drivers of arriving and departing construction vehicles. An entrance to your building site should impress on authorised visitors to treat the terrain with respect. So, how do you make an obstacle-free and burglar-proof entrance that suits your building site? This blog provides insight into the pros and cons of purchasing a sliding gate, sliding mobile fence, or a swing gate.

Posted on 27 August 2019 by Stef Manders    Project securityFences

Noise Control Barrier: How less noise will yield more for you!

Heras Mobile’s Noise Control Barrier not only reduces noise pollution for local residents. When you use this sound-proof fencing, you also meet the requirements for obtaining a permit, preventing absenteeism due to illness, or can create low-noise sections where necessary. For example at First Aid stations, backstage, VIP rooms, or in catering areas, or when noise reduction is required on the construction site when jackhammers or generators are used. The Noise Control Barrier is easily and quickly installed close to a sound source, reducing noise by approximately 17 dB.

Posted on 03 May 2019 by Stef Manders    Fences

Hire a fence on the construction site

Safety on the construction site is becoming increasingly important. For many construction companies, working safely in a quiet setting come first. Mobile fences play an important role in this. This article explains why hiring a fence directly contributes to a positive working climate on the construction site. Plus, we will explain the various types of mobile fencing that can be hired.

Posted on 30 April 2019 by Stef Manders    Fences

A sturdy construction fence for greater safety

There are more than enough examples out there! Fences blown over or (even worse) blown away, which in turn cause considerable damage. And not just material damage. Can fences that have been blown away also lead to accidents that affect construction workers or passers-by? As a construction company and/or site supervisor, you never want that to be on your conscience. But how can you prevent this? And what are the legal obligations that must be met when installing fences? In this blog post, we would like to draw the attention of site supervisors, buyers, and other interested parties to how to act when using and installing fences.

Posted on 18 April 2019 by Stef Manders    Safe and sustainable workingFences

Top eight most common construction site problems

Permits that are not forthcoming or theft of materials are just a couple of the construction-related problems that can cause you headaches. Familiarise yourself with the eight typical problems on the construction site that lead to frustrations and failure costs and the solutions to prevent them.

Posted on 09 April 2019 by Stef Manders    Project securityRegulations & prescriptions

How to: proper coupling of mobile fencing

Mobile fencing that is properly assembled and coupled creates the very best site demarcation. How do you couple a Heras fence as efficiently as possible when assembling it, without losing a lot of time? We will explain the finer details of coupling a mobile fence using these clear-cut assembly instructions.

Posted on 25 August 2017 by Stef Manders    Fences