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How Heras Steelhoard will save you money

Do you want to maximise your profits? Please take your time to read this blog about how using Heras Steelhoard will save you a great deal of money over the lifespan of the product.

Posted on 29 May 2021 by Adrian Couzens    SustainabilityHERAS Mobile

The installation process of Heras Steelhoard in 5 steps

Once you've ordered your Heras Steelhoard we will take care of underneath steps to get your site up and running in a fast, safe and consistent way.

Posted on 18 May 2021 by Adrian Couzens    

The 11 Components of Heras Steelhoard

Steelhoard has been designed to be very flexible using a minimal number of components. This allows virtually any site situation to be accommodated without the need for fabricating bespoke panels or equipment.

Posted on 04 May 2021 by Adrian Couzens    

The 4 options when choosing Heras Steelhoard

When you choose the Heras Steelhoard solution we provide extra options for your hoarding. It’s always possible to add them once the project/contract is running. The 4 basic options we offer are:

Posted on 27 April 2021 by Adrian Couzens    Corporate imageHERAS Mobile Fencing

Why switch to Heras Steelhoard?

Many of you will be familiar with steel hoarding in the construction market and may think they are all very similar, carrying out the same function. You might be using timber hoardings, flat fascias with graphics or on ground systems. Once installed they look similar and initially price-wise there isn’t much between them however Steelhoard has a number of unique features that make it more cost-effective, adaptable, and sustainable than any other system on the market. In short terms: Steelhoard will save you money. In this blog, I hope to convey the benefits so you get the right knowledge about the advantages of the world’s most sustainable hoarding system.

Posted on 20 April 2021 by Adrian Couzens    Sustainability