1 January 1987: “Heras Fencing has a direct link in Britain”

Heras has been active in the UK for over 31 years. Our mobile fences have been at the basis of the British Standard and we have had an office in Sittingbourne, Kent, since 1987. In the middle of the photograph, you can see the Mayor of Sittingbourne at the opening.

The first international Heras branch was in the UK. Then-director of Heras International’s thoughts on the choice of location, “Sittingbourne is a small city to the south-east of London. It is perfectly located with respect to the southern part of Great Britain, a market region with great wealth. There is an excellent connection with the Netherlands via Sheerness. The healthy employee potential and the local distribution level also led to our picking Sittingbourne.”

‘Very promising’

Heras opening Sittingbourne 1987The first reports for the home front were already making their way to the other side of the English Channel in April of the first year. “We are getting a lot of customers and various quotes have already been completed. Given the size of our product range, the finish of the products, their good availability, and their quality, we hope to become a staple in the British fencing industry as soon as possible. The prospects are very promising.”


Heras stock location Sittingbourne history

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Posted by Trevor Stapleton on 06 August 2018