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Tarpaulins for obstructing the view or for capturing dust. Utilize the perimeter as an eye-catcher to promote your company or project. One construction fence panel is good for a 7 m2 advertisement. A one-page ad in a trade journal only comes to 0.06 m2

Personalize badge & powder coating are also good options to communicate with your environment. Please ask our sales team for the best solution.

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Heras Airmesh

Heras Airmesh is a lightweight fabric that can be fixed either to the Heras Standard panel or the Heras Anti-Climb panel.

Offering good see-through visibility, the mesh fabric benefits from evenly spaced holes that allow wind to

pass through ensuring it is stable and not susceptible to wind. 

Certified for a wind load in excess of 40mph Airmesh provides an excellent platform to display corporate branding or advertising as full colour printing is enabled. It is machine washable, crease free, tear proof and fully recyclable. 

Airmesh provides effective screening to hide unsightly construction sites, and is particularly well suited for festivals, outdoor events, temporary site dressing, roadworks or busy public places.

  • Lightweight and transparent fabric. 
  • Perfect for corporate branding/advertising. 
  • Re-usable and machine washable.
  • Fire tested to DIN 4102-B1.
  • Attached using bungees.
  • Full colour printing enables you display any logos, graphics or messages of your choice.


  • Panel Dimensions Height : 1800mm
  • Panel Dimensions Width : 3200mm
  • Airmesh : Hemmed and eyeleted
  • Printing capabilities : Single or double sided


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