Access for pedestrians

This allows pedestrian access to site

To provide safe access for pedestrians onto your terrain, install pedestrian gates in your mobile fencing.

Access for pedestrians variants & specifications

Heras Pedestrian gate round top 

The pedestrian gate (1.2 metres wide) can be installed in all locations. The enclosed hinge lets the gate turn smoothly. The tube is shorter on one side so that the fence can turn over the block and no wheel is necessary.


  • Wide : 1.2 m
  • Height : 2 m
  • Material : Steel
  • Weight : 13 KG


Installation instructions

Windloading advice is available

As specialists we can calculate wind resistance for specific sites:

Request Windloading Advice


Heras Ive 5973 Anti Climb Pedestrian Gate

Heras Ive 5975 Anti Climb Pedestrian Gate

Heras temporary fencing Ive 6006 Coupler